Case Study

Enhancing Security and Modernizing Systems for Capital Management Services


Capital Management Services is a dynamic financial services company based in Western New York. They have a team of over 1,100 dedicated professionals who continually strive to provide top-notch services to their clients. Despite their successful operations, they faced significant challenges with their existing IT systems and security.

The Challenge

Capital Management Services was experiencing an active security incident, a situation that put their sensitive financial data at risk. Additionally, they were grappling with outdated, legacy systems that needed to be modernized to improve efficiency and security. The company understood the potential consequences of inaction, including the likelihood of increased security vulnerabilities, impaired operational efficiency, and a potential loss of customer trust.

The Solution

MVP Network Consulting stepped in to mitigate the ongoing security incident in collaboration with Capital Management’s existing Managed Service Provider (MSP). The trust built during this crisis management phase was instrumental in Capital Management Services choosing MVP as their IT partner.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we adopted a team-based approach to co-manage the client’s IT environment. This method aimed to bring multiple perspectives to the table and facilitate effective problem-solving. Our role wasn’t merely to remedy the security incident but to provide a long-term solution for IT management and modernize their outdated systems.

The Results

Leveraging our managed IT services during the critical security incident, Capital Management Services could swiftly resume normal operations. This approach minimized downtime, maintained business continuity, and preserved the company’s reputation.

Our successful management of the initial security incident earned us the client’s trust and led to MVP taking over full management of IT shortly thereafter. The security incident that initially brought us together became the foundation for a long-term relationship, proving that every crisis can be turned into an opportunity.

Our team-based approach to IT management accelerated communication and progress on various projects, delivering results more efficiently. Through our work, we helped Capital Management Services navigate their challenges, providing them with a secure, modernized IT infrastructure that supports their ongoing growth and success.