// How Secure Is Your Computer Network?

Test Your Network Security
with a Mini Pen Test

Imagine being able to see what a hacker could get to your network. What if you could do this with JUST the click of a link? Why isn’t anyone testing your systems from the perspective of a hacker?Discover how to secure yourself and your data with a penetration test.

MVP’s Mini Pen Test is a real-life demonstration of how hackers can get onto your business network (before anything happens).   Learn how easy it is for hackers to get to your information if you’re not keeping track of it. 

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Mini Pen Test

Test your network security with a mini penetration test, and discover how secure your network really is.

hacker with access denied messages on computer

Can you Withstand a Cyber Attack?

Imagine the embarrassment of having to notify your clients and vendors that, because of you, their information may now also be in the hands of cybercriminals; paying pricey emergency IT fees while your operations are halted or severely limited for days or weeks, data loss, lost clients, potential lawsuits or government fines for violating data-breach laws. Your bank account drained, with no bank protection.

It doesn’t have to be that way: nearly every data breach is preventable.

Cybersecurity Simplified

With the MVP Pen Test you get to see exactly what hackers can get to—steal or lock down—if your network was breached. Wouldn’t you want to do something about that BEFORE someone tries to break in?

What we will analyze:​

Security Patches & Vulnerability Management​

Discover whether your network has vulnerabilities resulting from patch management issues.​

Test Your Network Perimeter Defense​

Our scanner will test whether your firewalls are configured correctly and report issues if they did not appropriately alarm.

Test Your Identity & Access Management​

Learn if your team is using stale, repeated or crackable passwords for accounts on your network.

Identify Serious
Data Leaks​

Determine where sensitive data is stored on your network and make sure it’s being guarded. Hackers commonly exploit both your network and data assets when attacking your network.​

Determine Your Malware Defenses​

Determine if you have an appropriate cyber stack that will respond to a simulated virus attack. Deployment of a solution which controls the installation, spread, and execution of malicious code at multiple points is critical.​

Get The Information To Inform Your Cybersecurity Decision Making

Gauge where your cybersecurity is today. Learn whether data encryption, along with information about what a hacker can see around an infected device. Determine if your network would withstand an attack (even on one machine!).