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I love the attention to detail and quality of service we get. I can finally sleep at night knowing we are protected and secure. Everything just works now. Highly recommended.

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We had an issue with our network that started late yesterday afternoon and continued through today (ticket #821277) that left us unable to function at all. Your team was fantastic in jumping right on this. From Bob trying to help me troubleshoot last night and this morning, to Connor answering my early call this morning to open the ticket, to Aaron immediately trying to troubleshoot remotely and ultimately getting me Adam Sanders on site this afternoon, to Adam quickly fixing the rogue device causing all the problems, and then ensuring that everything was functioning properly. Everyone understood and conveyed how important it was to get us back in operation and they all worked together troubleshooting and sharing information so Adam already had a plan in place when he arrived. I appreciate each one of them and wanted you to know what a great job they did, individually and collectively, in making us feel valued as a customer.

Office Manager

Personius Melber LLP

Buffalo Spine & Sport Medicine

General Physician

Teach Dental Group

Buffalo Spine & Sport Medicine


Havens & Havens Dental

"110% awesome! Please give this man a hefty bonus!"

Jackie Siverling

"Connor, you were so helpful, fixed all of my problems, and had a great personality to boot!! Thanks again!!!"

Jackie Siverling

"I really appreciated your taking the time to tell me the proper way to set this up. That was great customer service!!"


"Fantastic! I love that you gave me all the time frames for when I can access the account. Very happy!"


"Thank you for your help!"


"Chris was great to work with. Personable, knowledgeable and most importantly, he fixed it!!! Awesome!!!"

Ann O’Rourke

"Chris M. was a tech support superhero! He went above and beyond to help me with my multiple technical issues. He was patient, professional, and knowledgeable. He displayed amazing creativity and innovation in finding different ways to resolve my issue and connect to me. He was extremely responsive and quick to help, always keeping me in the loop about what he was doing and when he would follow up. I truly appreciate Chris’s expertise and dedication to proving exceptional customer service, even during challenging circumstances; ensuring that my problem was fully resolved. He is a true asset to the company, and I highly recommend him! Thank you Chris!"


"Andy is always knowledgeable and helpful. He’s quick to get any issues resolved, and is highly professional at all times. It’s always a pleasure to work with him."

Scott Mighells

"Julie U always do a great job, pleasure working with you always a Wow"

Rocco J Diina

"Spoke with Julie Vasquez. For one it was nice someone answered the phone and I did not have to leave a msg because I am only at this client a few hours a week. She could not have been more helpful. Pleasant to talk to, and so quick with emailing me just what I needed. Thank you!"

Marcy A DeGain (Burgio Curvin & Banker)

"It was fast service thank you for your help."

Ban A. Alshathr

"Such a pleasure having Omar to help through a crisis or a project. Great communicator, very knowledgeable and walks through the steps with you before actions are taken so that we are comfortable with what is going to happen. Awesome at planning out projects to eliminate foreseeable problems."

Kevin Gerhard

"Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. Matt simply is the best."

Bobby Chianelli

"Very professional and helpful. Thank you! All steps were addressed and perfect on time!"

Karen Suarez

"Matt Always gives us the best prompt service!!"

Bobby Chianelli

"Connor ALWAYS solves our problems! Helpful without making you feel like you are clueless."

Ann O’Rourke

"Connor was very polite and efficient and was quick to understand and recommend a solution to my problem while also implementing it quickly with no disruption to my day."

Jared Hise