Backup Solutions for Your Business

Businesses need to maximize productivity, lower costs and decrease risks every day. In today’s world of cyber thieves, hackers, and ransomware more dangerous than ever, you need your business to stay up and running no matter what.

MVP’s Business Continuity not only take images of your data and information and saves it to our device, but we also send it to our Cloud and the second disaster strikes, MVP can have you back up and running almost immediately.

Minimal downtime, no loss of productivity, and no worrying about breached information.

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Basic Data Backup

A data backup is just a copy of the files/data form a computer or device. Every business, small, medium or large should be backing up their data. In the event of a system crash or hard drive failure, or even accidental deletion you know you have a backup. 

MVP provides basic backup solutions included with every Total Protection Package. However, it is important to remember, this solution backs up your data but not the operating system or applications.

Disaster Recovery

Any business can experience a disaster at any time. A fire, flood, tornado, blizzard or major hardware failure can happen to anybody.

With MVP’s Disaster Recovery Plan, a device takes an image-level backup of all of you data, operating systems, and applications. In the event of a server crash or other disaster, this device can be utilized to the business back up and running with only some downtime. There would be some downtime because this particular device needs the issue “fixed” prior to use restoring the image backup before resuming business as usual.

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