Take IT To 11 Project Plan

MVP's Comprehensive 11 Step Plan to Efficiently Complete Any Project

MVP has developed an 11 step process for implementing and maintaining your network while minimizing interruption to your business.  Check out the Take IT to 11 plan below.  To share a little laugh about taking things to 11, check out this video. 

Step 1: Network Audit

During the Network Audit, we’ll send our audit specialist to your office. The specialist will need a few minutes access to all the computers in your network, as well as an opportunity to check out your server and other hardware pieces such as routers and switches. To start, we’ll need someone to let us in and be sure we have access to the network. Often this is the person in your company who is currently responsible for IT, or anyone you decide is responsible. You should experience no down time or “after effects” while we perform the audit.

Step 2: Audit Report Summary

We’ll provide you a detailed written report in plain English (not geek speak) that outlines where you are at high risk for viruses, downtime, or other problems and what options you have for protecting yourself. As always, our goal will be to find low simple fixes to conserve your budget.

Step 3: Signed Agreement

Once you and MVP have signed on the dotted line, we’re ready to begin eliminating your computer problems!

Step 4: On-Site Server Backup

Depending on your agreement level, MVP will install an on-site backup server and get backups of your servers. You should experience no loss in productivity or connection status during this time –- your files and information (the work you do) will be accessible by you and your team. Also at this time, your on-boarding consultant will collect additional data to store in your file. This includes such items as your ISP, all current employees, extensions, email addresses, router locations and mission-critical software.

Step 5: On-boarding Project Planning

With the data analyzed, the paperwork signed and the servers backed up, you’re ready to review your basic on-boarding plan, scope of work and estimated timeline with your on-boarding consultant.

Step 6: Welcome to MVP

You will receive a phone call or an on-site visit to review MVP’s Total Protection practices, policies and our MVP Partner Portal. Rest assured, we plan to touch base with you throughout the on-boarding process.

Step 7: On- Boarding Complete

Congratulations, you’ve completed the on-boarding process! Whenever this happens, we like to share the joy with you and your team. Keep your eyes open for a special treat, Courtesy of your MVP Team!

Step 8: MVP Partner Portal

We’re here to help, whenever you need it. Our MVP partner portal allows you to submit a trouble ticket whenever you are experiencing a problem. Simply click on the MVP picture in the lower right corner of your screen and select “New Ticket.” We’ll start resolving the issue and keep you up-to-date. You can also use the MVP partner portal to see a quick list of all your tickets and their status.

Step 9: Stabilization

During our assessment of your network we identified several issues outside the scope of “on-boarding”. These are “projects” we’ve agreed will be handled after on-boarding is completed and prior to the beginning of maintenance.  Our typical stabilization process takes about 60 days depending on the state of your network.  We will make this process as painless as possible.  You may experience some downtime.  We may have to perform some of those “projects” after hours to minimize any downtime.

Step 10: Maintenance

With your MVP Total Protection plan in place, we’re proactively monitoring the health of your workstations and servers. We’ll be looking for warning signs and fixing issues, so you won’t lose time or money. Your technology costs will remain constant, no matter when you need the extra support. Throughout the maintenance process, we’ll track:
  • Event and error logs
  • Disk usage
  • Performance (processor load and user capacity)
  • Antivirus
  • Service optimization
  • Network troubleshooting and configuration
  • VPN management
  • Security patch management
  • Desktop and server upgrades
  • Hardware inventory
  • Network analysis
  • Antivirus software

Step 11: Technology Update Meetings

At the end of the stabilization period, we will call you to review additional technology updates that will benefit your company. We’ll conduct similar meetings with you throughout the year to ensure that your system has the latest and greatest and make recommendations for the upcoming year.
Implementing this process allows us to take control over your network and to provide world class IT consulting and support for your company.  We understand the value of time, call us to today and find out how we can give you more time to work on your business, not in your business.  MVP Taking IT to 11 every single minute of every single day.