Case Study

Building a Robust and Scalable IT Infrastructure for General Physician, PC


General Physician, PC is a WNY based healthcare organization offering primary care and cancer care. With over 160 providers across 140 locations, General Physician employs over 2,000 individuals and is known for its rapid growth trajectory.

The Challenge

In addition to General Physician’s rapid growth, strict healthcare compliance requirements called for a strong and robust technological backbone that could easily cater to the healthcare organization’s expansion. The existing network lacked necessary design and capacity to handle both the physical and data growth. COVID-19 further exposed General Physician’s infrastructure as it was not equipped to service patients digitally. Additional challenges surrounding cybersecurity and risks associated with growing cyber attacks were also top of mind. MVP was called upon to address these challenges that had potential to stand in the way of the company’s growth.

The Solution

General Physician, PC chose MVP because of our expertise in system integrations, data migration, network design, and compliance. We stood out for our capacity to handle the intricate needs of their rapid growth and our understanding of healthcare regulations, specifically HIPAA.

We began by integrating the systems of new offices acquired by General Physician, PC with the organization’s existing systems. As part of this process, we performed data migration, transferring data from one system to another, ensuring a seamless transition. 

Recognizing the importance of scalability, we designed systems capable of accommodating data growth and handling the increasing operational demands. We reimagined their network infrastructure, building it from the ground up to support their expansion. 

Beyond just technological enhancements, we also prioritized regulatory compliance. We ensured that all our efforts were aligned with HIPAA guidelines, safeguarding patient data while enabling efficient service delivery.

The Results

Our efforts have yielded substantial results for General Physician, PC. The adoption of our network infrastructure design has led to an improved data flow, faster system response times, and overall more efficient business operations. 

Notably, our work has facilitated General Physician, PC’s phenomenal growth from a 300-person organization to a powerhouse employing over 2,000 individuals today. Our network design, cybersecurity, and compliance strategies have underpinned this growth, providing a scalable, secure, and compliant IT backbone that supports their operations and empowers their continued success.