Case Study

Ensuring Scalable and Secure IT Infrastructure for SaveOnSP


SaveOnSP is a pioneering entity in the health insurance landscape. Starting as a small team of 12, SaveOnSP has made significant strides in its journey and now boasts over 400 employees working across Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY.

The Challenge

SaveOnSP was forecasting an imminent growth spurt and the need for stringent compliance measures and enhanced data security became paramount. Their in-house IT team required additional support to manage the complex, increasing demands of their quickly growing business. The absence of a robust, comprehensive IT infrastructure would potentially lead to compromised patient data, ultimately impacting customer trust and operational efficiencies. Essentially, SaveOnSP sought an IT partner who could help them navigate the intricacies of IT management and security on a day-to-day basis without compromise.

The Solution

MVP Network Consulting’s managed IT services emerged as a natural choice for SaveOnSP because of our established relationship and an exemplary track record in the field of healthcare compliance and IT. Recognizing SaveOnSP’s needs, we crafted a solution that addressed each concern effectively. We offered co-management of their IT infrastructure in parallel with their in-house team, ensuring consistent alignment with their operational nuances. 

One of our cornerstone solutions involved hosting SaveOnSP’s entire infrastructure in our data center. This not only elevated their data security but also fortified their compliance readiness. Regular audits were conducted in collaboration with their partners, reinforcing their readiness for any compliance-related assessments. Our advanced security structure further safeguarded SaveOnSP’s data, thereby bolstering their reputation for patient data privacy. 

Furthermore, we undertook the design and maintenance of their network, a move that enhanced both reliability and efficiency across their IT operations.

Wonderful group of employees. Having them as a backbone to our business has been a great companion. Always there as our support, never question what they can do. Very knowledgeable staff. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

 IT Support of SaveOnSP

The Results

Our partnership brought about tangible, quantifiable improvements to SaveOnSP’s IT ecosystem. Their data protection strategies and compliance protocols significantly 

strengthened, seamlessly aligning with HIPAA requirements. This heightened compliance adherence underscored their commitment to safeguarding patient data and further established them as a trusted partner in the health insurance landscape.

With the implementation of a highly available and redundant network, we ensured that the client could maintain business continuity with minimal disruption. This collaboration transformed our relationship with SaveOnSP. They came to perceive us not merely as a service provider, but as an extension of their team, thereby forging a relationship that is poised to navigate the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare industry together.