Chris Teluk

Partner Support Facilitator
Christopher Teluk

Chris has been with MVP for most of his life. Started at the age of 18. During his high school years, Chris has taken classes such as Cisco Networking Academy and assisted the IT staff at Erie 1 Boces. He graduated with Technical Endorsement along with Regents with Advanced Distinction. IT has been big role in Chris’ life. He has built his first computer at the age of eight. He grew up in IT with the influence of a great mentor Jeremy Pollock, one of the founders of MVP. Jeremy was a huge impact on many lives and has given Chris the mentorship as Chris was growing up. Ever Since Losing Jeremy back in 2011 Chris has continued to honor him in IT and for taking it to an eleven in anything he does.

Although IT is a passion, Chris also takes bowling as his passion. He was a professional bowler and was a member in the PBA. Chris has been bowling since the age of six. He has won many tournaments in his life and became a USBC Coach.

Chris is also a musician and enjoys making music. He currently plays guitar, Bass, and Drums. His father was part of a tribute band for Dave Matthews Band and inspired Chris to play bass at the age of 9. Over the years he has mastered the skill to even play the instrument behind his head. As time goes on with everything Chris has accomplished, he plans to make life even more amazing in the future.