Richard Young

Senior Systems Analyst
Richard Young

Richard Young is the Senior Systems Analyst at MVP and oversees the Systems Development Department. Having been with MVP from the day they opened their doors, Rich’s work currently consists of working with customers and the sales department to analyze the business processes that are in place for customers and how MVP can best help improve those processes through the use of technology.

As MVP’s first employee back in 2003 Rich was responsible for the creation of “Tech Dot”, which at the time, was the system that allowed MVP to provide and track service requests as well as act as a Customer Portal where clients could go to view all of their IT Service information. As MVP has grown, so has Tech Dot and the information that it provides. It has now transformed into an internal analysis platform and employee information hub. Blessed with a fantastic team at MVP, Rich and the Systems Department are responsible for continually providing our clients with support above and beyond for the systems we have built for them.

Richard is a Native Canadian and lives in Canada with his wife Katie and 3 VERY active kids. Working Hard and Having Fun is more than just a Core Value within the office walls at MVP, it has provided Rich with the flexibility to never miss a soccer practice, hockey game or dance recital. Sport is a big part of his family life and has always been a way in which he can give back to the community. Rich has coached both soccer and hockey at various youth levels as well as held a seat on the Board of Directors in the community organizations for those sports.

Rich is extremely proud of his role in the growth of MVP from the small 4 person IT firm it was in 2003 through its continuous growth to what it is today.