Learn about cloud computing

Did you know that Forbes magazine recently reported that four out of five small businesses will soon rely on cloud computing for the efficiency, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of this technology?

Before long, any businesses that haven’t yet adopted cloud computing will be left behind in the dust. Don’t become one of these businesses — learn about cloud computing and what it can do for your enterprise today.

Learn about cloud computing


What is cloud computing?


By definition, cloud computing is the practice of storing, managing and processing data on a network of remote servers rather than an in-house server or personal computer. This allows a business’s employees to access their work from anywhere in the world — as long as they have an Internet connection. In its simplest terms, the cloud is essentially just a metaphor for the Internet.

Why do businesses move to the cloud?

There are myriad advantages and benefits that businesses gain when they learn about cloud computing. By simplifying your employees’ everyday workflow, their productivity will get a huge boost, resulting in more work getting done in less time. Many of our customers switch to the cloud for its cost-efficiency alone, but there are plenty of other benefits to the cloud besides its effects on your bottom line. You can custom-design your cloud platform to fit your business’s unique needs and requirements, and can even grow your cloud capabilities as your business expands.

Best of all? When your business chooses MVP Network Consulting as its cloud services provider, you won’t have to worry about managing your cloud networks. Our cloud computing experts do all the work for you.

To learn about cloud computing even more and discover how it can improve your operations at nearly every level, call us at 716.630.1701. You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain.


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